MotylBox – tool storage system

materialtitan, dural, tkanina Dacron® a Nomex®
colorsilver, white
dimensions730 x 555 x 255 mm
projectS.T.A.R. Design

MotylBox is a tool storage system designed for geological research on the Moon. The fundamental concept is based on the principle inspired by pop-up books. These solution emphasizes the simplicity of handling with maximal utilization of the storage space and minimal requirements of storing and manipulation. On the contrary, in open position it maximises the access to the tools, considering the ergonomic limits during the EVA (Extra-Vehicular Activity = getting off in a vacuum).

NASA has planned to repeatedly land on the surface of the Moon by the year of 2020. This mission was named Constellation. One of its supporting programs was also a S.T.A.R. Design (Space and Terrestrial Architectural Research) organized together with Lund University. In this program, a small group of selected students could create new ideas and where the concept of the MotylBox arose as well. In 2010 was The Constellation Program suspended.

Technical description

The storage system is versatilely designed, so that it can be applicable not only to geological tools, but to all purposes, where the storage space and maximization of the work surface with minimum demand for maintenance should be taken into consideration. In closed position it forms a compact unit, which prevents regolit ( a very fine-grained dust on the surface of the Moon) from penetrating into the base. The handles are adjusted to the ergonomics of the gloves of the space suit (trapezoid shape) and they ensure easy manipulation. In tilted position their function as folding rails.
The swift disassembly of the box is ensured by a mechanism, which opens the internal beams and doubles the surface of the storage space by one single movement. The storage space is then accessible from all sides when manipulating with the tools.
The base of the tool box is designed from a lightweight alloy of aluminium and titan. The inner perforated and sieved parts, which lighten and strengthen the construction at the same time, are covered with a polyester fabric Dacron® in combination with Nomex®, a fabric resistant to high temperatures.


© Jaroslav Juřica, 2009-2011 / Coding / Všeobecné obchodní podmínky