Pattern Beings – ornaments and patterns in the context of time

dimensions1000 x 714 x 391 mm
projectDiploma project at School of Design, LTH, Sweden

“Pattern beings” deals with decoration, ornaments and patterns as omnipresent beings around us. Despite the fact that modernism tried to exclude decoration from our existence (headed by Adolf Loos’s Ornament
and Crime essay), I was brought to this topic by repeated tendencies in society to decorate and adorn objects for daily use.
“Pattern beings” is about searching for relations between the object, material and its ornamentation. The process of research resulted in the formula “icon-index-symbol” inspired by Charles Sanders Pierce’s
definition of semiotics - the meaning of symbols.
The formula has given rise to the final work – “The amber table”. Its form is inspired by the characteristics of an amber fossil. The idea, stemming from the context of time in the search for a decorative motif, was transformed into a table. Its optical properties generate patterns around itself as a variable
element, depending on light conditions in its surroundings.
The concept brings out a different way of working with ornament. Patterns are not created on the object, but it is the object that creates the patterns. The object is influenced by its surroundings. Although the pattern is not a direct part of the object, it is embedded in the characteristics of the material.

Patterna decorative element created on the surface of an object which is often a part of a larger com­plex as one recurrent motif. Particular patterns can be created by using templates or by means of various artistic techniques. Pattern creation may be controlled or accidental. Patterns can be long lasting or temporary.
Beinganything that is and thus that was, has been and will be. Being expresses its existence or essence by its needs, freedom and finality. Being perceives and thus responds to its environ­ment. Its life is limited, but it is able to reproduce itself and thereby keep on existing.


© Jaroslav Juřica, 2009-2011 / Coding / Všeobecné obchodní podmínky