+20% EXTRA - absurd products

materialbrick, PET
dimensions405 x 182 x 68 mm
nominationfinal selection, contest: Global Warming by Droog Design

„Absurd products“ is a set of objects pointing out the quirks and anomalies of marketing strategies which move this trend into absurd situations.
The first of the series, +20% EXTRA, is a response to the current state of marketing divisions at many companies, which exercise the strategy of percentage bonuses on customers. The intention was to present this situation on a brick as a product, where the commodity, subjected to the production standard, is affected by this strategy. The brick is also packed in a plastic container, referring to another marketing obsession - packing products regardless of real necessity.
This product is an alarming piece of work - an absurd situation, where marketing may lead without any regard for the environment. This work was not meant just to point out the problem concerning the bonus strategy, but also the reckless wastage of non-renewable natural resources, which are not recycled in commensurate extent yet.

Technical description

Absurd Products is an array of 44 bricks with 20% enlargement. This part is dyed yellow, marked with a text "+20% EXTRA". Every single piece is also wrapped in a PET package labeled with an etiquette containing a bar code and information about the material.

© Jaroslav Juřica, 2009-2011 / Coding / Všeobecné obchodní podmínky