material2nd hand drawers, MDF

Drawerment is a composition made of old office drawers. Fluttering loosely on the walls, tables or on the floor they freshen up the cold office atmosphere. As a flock they sometimes arrange into groups, otherwise they just float freely in their own way.
Drawerment arose as a modest glorification of Tejo Remy´s „Chest of Drawers“, a piece of work, which at that time freed the stiffed era of product design. This composition was designed for Demakersvan | Dutch design house as a part of their freshly reconstructed studio.

Technical description

The composition is made of old office drawers in different size and material, preserved in the state they were found. They are embedded in bases made of MDF boards synchronized in the bearing wall colour. The bases are firmly fixed by anchors.


„Chest of Drawers“

© Jaroslav Juřica, 2009-2011 / Coding / Všeobecné obchodní podmínky