Kernun - firewall packaging

cooperationZuzana Lehutová
colornatural, corporate
dimensions222 x 302 x 28 mm
clientTNS a.s.

Firewall has recently become synonymous with the word safety in the realm of the Internet. Some operating systems are vulnerable without these software. The Kernun Firewall, developed by the TNS company belongs to those applications, which secure the protection of big company networks.
The specific quality of this firewall lies in its functionality. Since it has to be permanently active, it should not bother the user. We similarly approached the design of the cover. The natural and minimalistic design from the outside indicates the content just by a blind-blocking. Inside there is a graphic, based on the logo and the colours of the company. The firewall operates in a similar way on the background of the operational system.

Technical description

A package of installation set consisting of 4CDs and a printed manual for Kernun Firewall. The outside raw material of the cardboard is enriched by a mintage. The company colours used in a contrastive manner inside the package emphasize the structural arrangement of grooves for inserting the CD. Their shape is freely deduced from the logo of the company.


© Jaroslav Juřica, 2009-2011 / Coding / Všeobecné obchodní podmínky