Cubist chess

year1998 / redesign 2012
colorblack, natural
dimensionsSize of the king: 105 mm
photoAndrea Bratrů Velnerová

The extraordinary cubist chess set, inspired by the legend among cubist architects and furniture designers, Pavel Janák. The figures are hand-carved of maple wood; they are of classic tournament size (the king is 105 mm) and all of them are weighted with lead for stability. The chessboard makes a part of the luxury box for the figures; its side walls remind one of crystal lineaments and all is black with a high level of brightness. It has been manufactured in a limited series of 15 pieces, according to the number of generally recognized world chess champions.

Technical description

The chess is solely hand-made from maple. The richness of black tones is achieved by a complicated method of steaming with a mordant. The surface of the chessboard was designed with the technique of marquetry. It is varnished and polished to high gloss.

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